10 Movies Based on Console Games

The convergence point between video games and movies has always been the main source of excitement and anticipation altering the world of entertainment all the time. Though the jump from console to movie screen is expressed by both ups and downs, a number of solid screen versions managed to give all both gamers and fanatics

10 Famous Internet Memes From The Movies

From the start of the internet, movies have been sprinkled with memes. Films cover everything from spoof to scenes that are funny and memorable. In this article we will also check out 10 best memes from world flicks viral memes on internet and explanation of why the said meme gained such popularity.

Top 10 Ranking the Most Powerful Marvel Universe Superheroes

In the vast and electrifying realm that is the Marvel Universe, where heroes and villains clash in epic battles of cosmic proportions, there are individuals that stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of pure, unadulterated power. From the thunderous might of gods to the genius intellect of billionaire playboys, the superheroes on

Madeleine Carroll Blogathon: I Was a Spy (1933)

One of the great pleasures of blogathons is discovering an old film, or an actor, or director and realizing that there’s still so, so many wonderful classic films yet to see. It’s sort of like knowing that there’s still a bunch of Graham Greene novels I haven’t read. Maybe the Graham Greene thing is just