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Mufasa’s Roar: The Majestic Revival of Disney’s Lion King Franchise


It’s been an epic journey for The Lion King, from animation to this exciting live-action adaptation. If you remember back in 2019 when the first live-action Lion King was released, it created a lot of buzz. Importantly, it was a massive success at the box office and garnered global attention.

In 2024, Disney has brought in Academy Award-winning director Barry Jenkins to join the team, raising expectations for the new Lion King movie. This installment, titled Mufasa: The Lion King, tells the story of Simba’s father, the king of the forest who has no noble bloodline. Mufasa’s long journey will serve as a reminder to future generations of kings. So, are you ready to see Mufasa’s legacy unfold in the past?!


General information about the movie

Movies Name: Mufasa: The Lion King (2024)

Director: Barry Jenkins

Main voice actor:  Aaron Pierre, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner, John Kani, Donald Glover, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Blue Ivy Carter as Kiara

Movies Genre: Adventure , Animation , Life

Release date: December 19, 2024

The Lion King’s Roar: Exploring Box Office Triumphs and Sequel Expectations

In 1994, you probably heard of the animated adaptation of The Lion King at a movie theater near you. I remember that after the story of Simba the Jungle was revealed that year, it was considered a major release and received an excellent response. Many people may not know that in addition to its compelling story, it has also generated worldwide revenue of up to $1.6 billion and continues to increase.

The film was later successful at the box office, but that was not the only success of The Lion King. However more than that, The Lion King has left many important legacies as a good example for the industry. By that, I mean increased marketing demand, its legacy and impact on the film industry, and product licensing that boosts sales are all part of the film’s success.

⦁ Criticism: The film has been widely criticized for its storytelling, characters, setting elements, and CG effects. However, it also won two Academy Awards for its soundtrack.

⦁ Differentiating and Attracting Viewers: The Lion King sets itself apart in terms of themes and storytelling. While some animations may be aimed mostly at children, The Lion King includes themes that appeal to all age groups, such as family dynamics, reflections on life, and overcoming obstacles.

⦁ Monetized Marketing and Merchandising: The Lion King story fueled the growth of Disney’s marketing at the time. Whether it was toys, clothing, or home decorations related to The Lion King, they sold so well that shelves were always sold out.

⦁ Legacy and Cultural Impact: Since the original animation was adapted into live-action, it has positively influenced culture and values. Whether its stage play adaptations, sequels, or spin-offs, all contribute to the growth and legacy that future generations can be proud of.


In 2024, they decided to present the story of the movie “Mufasa: The Lion King” with the hope that it would create excitement among fans around the world once again. Personally, I think it will be really interesting to see if they can achieve that.

From Anime to Photorealism: The Evolution of CGI in The Lion King’s Mufasa

If you remember the first Lion King movie, you probably know that Disney used the original 2D rendering technique in a new way at that time. In The Lion King: Mufasa, they put intricate details into those 2D images to make every character in the story more realistic.

Because of that, they transitioned from hand-drawing the characters in 2D to using CGI techniques every step of the way. From the details of Mufasa’s mane, where almost every fur is visible, to the movement of muscles using advanced CGI techniques, the animation brings a new level of realism. This makes it more enjoyable for viewers to experience the adventures in the Mufasa segment.

Realism of Character Elements

The film employs a team of dedicated technical experts to make many elements look realistic, such as Mufasa’s mane and fur, which were created using high-level CGI. The small details are meticulously crafted. Importantly, software techniques are also used to simulate various types of hair, such as fur being blown by the wind or getting wet, adding to the overall realism.


Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

Using this technique helps to increase the authenticity of Mufasa’s appearance, making viewers more interested in the character. The PBR image rendering technique simulates how light interacts with various surfaces. For example, in a scene where the sunlight hits Mufasa’s mane at sunset, the colored light hitting the character makes the image look more dimensional. Therefore, using this technique is one of the key factors that makes the characters look realistic.

Use_of_Physically_Based_Rendering_PBR_techniques_in_Mu_fa_sa (1)

AI-powered Animation

The team already understands how each type of animal moves, but not as detailed as AI, which has more accumulated data. Therefore, choosing to use AI in conjunction with animation simulation allows for more precise adjustments to the animation sequence. This technique is crucial for creating the movement patterns of Mufasa and other characters


Roaring Back: Exploring the Epic Continuation of Mufasa: The Lion King

“Mufasa: The Lion King” tells the story of Simba becoming the king of the Pride Lands. After overcoming all the dangerous obstacles in The Lion King (1994) and falling in love with Nala, Simba soon becomes a father to their lovely daughter, Kiara. In this part, viewers will be excited to see Simba’s growth as a leader. Disney also inserts the story of Mufasa, Simba’s father, who died in The Lion King.

The film will show the background of Mufasa’s life, from being a normal lion in a pack to eventually becoming the King of the Jungle. Mufasa initially has virtually no power in his pack but manages to overcome obstacles and trials that lead him to greatness. Through the story of Mufasa’s bravery and lifestyle, Simba wants to teach his daughter to follow in the footsteps of righteousness and have the same love for justice. Ultimately, when Mufasa’s courage and background are revealed, how will it inspire future generations?


Exciting Updates on the News Mufasa: The Lion King Story

Even before the film’s release in December 2024, Mufasa: The Lion King has garnered both praise and criticism. However, Walt Disney Studios is confident that Mufasa’s story will be as high-quality as that of his progeny in “The Lion King” (1994).

It has been revealed that when viewers learn about Mufasa’s backstory, it will be so heartbreaking that they will feel compelled to revisit Mufasa’s role in The Lion King (1994). Most importantly, the audience will be surprised to hear Aaron Pierre voicing young Mufasa, while Kelvin Harrison Jr. will voice Scar.

Roaring Talents: Unveiling the Voice Cast of Mufasa: The Lion King Sequel

⦁ Aaron Pierre as Mufasa

⦁ Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Taka

⦁ Seth Rogen as Pumbaa

⦁ Billy Eigner as Timon

⦁ John Ghani as Rafiki

⦁ Kagiso Ledika as young Rafiki

⦁ Tiffany Boone as Sarabi

⦁ Preston Nyman as Zazu

⦁ Mass Miegelsen as Kiros

⦁ Donald Glover as Simba

⦁ Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Nala

⦁ Thandie Newton as Echie, Taka’s mother and Mufasa’s adoptive mother.

⦁ Lenny James as Obasi, Taka’s father and Mufasa’s adoptive father.

⦁ Keith David as Masego, Mufasa’s real father

⦁ Anika Noni Rose as Afia, Mufasa’s real mother

⦁ Blue Ivy Carter as Keira, Simba’s daughter and Mufasa’s granddaughter.

Viewer Anticipation for Mufasa: The Lion King

Even though there has been heavy criticism before the film’s official release, such as concerns about whether the CGI is excessive or if the sequel has too many additions that make it seem unnatural, these are just some of the audience’s voices. I believe there are still many people who expect that the movie telling Mufasa’s story will be interesting and worth the wait.

Why? Because the story of The Lion King is memorable. Regardless of the outcome of the film’s release, I’m sure there are many people out there eagerly waiting to see this Lion King spin-off. Of course, as a fan of The Lion King since the original, how could I miss its spin-off? If possible, when the movie comes out, I will immediately buy a ticket to see it in the theater!


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