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A Surviving Guide to Resident Evil’s World

A Surviving Guide to Resident Evil's World

The Resident Evil series follows the outbreak and spread of the T-virus, a deadly bioweapon created by the Umbrella Corporation. Following Battle against zombies and infected dooms while uncovering the corporation’s sinister experiments. To explores themes of survival, Betrayal, and the consequences of unethical science.

So, in a world plagued by viral outbreaks, mutated creatures, and the threat of Umbrella Corporation, surviving in the Resident Evil universe is no easy. To outlast the chaos, there are strategies and tips that could be alive or mindless undead. By guiding two ways, the movie version and the game version.

Guide to Survive in the Resident Evil Movie’s World

Part of the movie Resident Evil, it is a movie that presents a perspective on survival in a world plagued by a virus. The film contains insights such as how to make the most of your remaining resources, survival strategies, and the ability to adapt in the face of an outbreak. The following will be a guide on various matters. If you get into a situation like this, what should you do? Prepare to deal with disasters that will follow at any time, such as threats from normal infected people, mutant infected people, friends and enemies living together. No matter what the danger is, you must remember to survive this crisis.

  • Stay Alert, Stay Alive:

In the world of Resident Evil, danger is around every corner, and there are times when the protagonists encounter unexpected events. Some places they thought were safe but there were hidden dangers. If you find yourself in a similar situation to the one in this movie, the first thing you should do is pay attention to your surroundings. You may need to keep an eye out for danger signs and listen for suspicious sounds around you. Most importantly, you have to trust your instincts that they can save your life. However, if you’re unsure of the situation at hand, don’t try to make any noise or your life will be safe.

  • Maintain your mental health:

In a chaotic situation like the one in this movie, your top priority and perhaps more need to deal with outside dangers is maintaining your mental health. Because the terror of the situation you face will overwhelm your mind. The film’s group of protagonists do the same, they tend to relax and rely on each other in situations other than escaping the infected.

  • Teamwork:

One of the most striking parts of the Resident Evil films is the teamwork between the protagonist and his allies. Whether it’s sharing information, gathering necessary supplies, or even helping each other. Of course, if you have multiple ideas supporting each other, it’s probably better than just one idea. If a dire situation arises like in the world of Resident Evil, you just have to trust your team a lot. Imagine trying to climb over a high wall but you don’t have any teammates. You may die on the first day without even doing anything.

  • Securing Safe Havens:

In a world of biological horrors like a viral outbreak, the film shows us that the key to survival is to find the safest place to hide. In order to be a source of resupply and rest where there are no dangers around you to worry about, such as safe rooms, underground bunkers, or strong fortified buildings. And of course, the protagonists also use fortresses or vaults to hide from the mutants.

  • Environmental Hazards:

If you’re faced with a virus outbreak like the one in this movie, that means the danger of infected people isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. But it also includes the environment, buildings that collapse and turn into special gases, even laboratories that contain contaminants. Therefore, you must be careful of threats from your surroundings. If you enter a contaminated building, try to find a gas mask. You also have to be careful in the Umbrella Office, where not only people are infected because the world of Resident Evil is full of strange and dangerous chemicals. It will affect your life immediately when exposed to those chemicals, which can sometimes be dangerous to the point of needing to use a serum to neutralize the poison.

  • Medical expertise:

In this movie, you’ve probably seen that the protagonist group always has at least one person with medical expertise. It is for the case that when someone is injured, first aid can be treated in time. When you think about how bad it would be. In the world of viruses, it is not so safe that you can go to the hospital at any time. Basic medical knowledge is therefore very important in a world where there are only infected people. Because this time, survival is very important, you’ll need to learn how to treat wounds, practice first aid, and get yourself ready for basic surgery.

  • Rescue and Evacuation:

Some scenes in the film involve dire situations that the protagonist group is not prepared for. It is a group of infected people who come to attack their group. Luckily, they had prepared a contingency plan for sudden evacuation in advance and survived. If you don’t want to become one of the infected people, here’s what you should do: Reserve an escape route, a new safe meeting point, and a working communication channel. Maybe you could build a barrier made of steel or other sturdy material along a route you consider dangerous to keep you safe from those infected. Oh, but don’t forget to make a sign asking for help like SOS sign, in case you can get help from others in time.

  • Psychological War:

Psychological warfare is more than a physical threat. Other survivors or you may have to contend with your own psychological warfare or anxiety at times. To maintain mental strength in the face of fears, hallucinations and nightmares. The best solution is to strengthen your mind and not let anything make you weak. We believe that in the chaotic world of Resident Evil there are often many people who are losing their minds. Some people commit suicide to escape the fear of not even being infected. So, you have to be as strong as Alice and Ada in the movie and you will get through this.

  • Never Give Up Hope:

The survivalism of the film’s group of survivors is what keeps them safe from the dangers around them. Whether it’s from the harsh environment, life-threatening chemicals, and those infected with mutants. The same goes if you face the worst situation like them. The only thing that can keep you in a world like this is the determination to live. So, trust that there will be a solution, a cure for the virus and hope for survival. Please do not lose hope no matter what situation you are facing. Always assume that there will be enough serum and vaccines for your team.

Example of an impressive movie scene: Leon and Ashley’s quick resolve and thoughtfulness

If you still can’t see from the text how dire the situation is, we’ll give you an example of one of the best scenes. If I’m not mistaken, in the movie Resident Evil 4, there will be a scene where the protagonist Leon S. Kennedy and his friend Ashley Graham face the direst situations. It was when he was stuck in a small room with several mutant-infected people approaching them. At that time, they probably thought they would not survive, but Leon suddenly quickly assessed the surrounding situation. Leon noticed the exploding barrels nearby and knew what to do next.


With quick thinking combined with effective communication between the two of them. Leon orders Ashley to hide behind a strong pillar, at the same time Leon shoots an explosive barrel to set it on fire. This was shocking because they planned to eliminate all enemies in one fell swoop. This situation shows both intelligent analysis and teamwork to overcome these crises. Think about it would you be able to solve the immediate problem and defeat the enemy all at once if you didn’t have a trusted teammate? That’s why we say that in the same situation as in the movie Resident Evil, being together with an ally will help you survive more dangers than being alone.


Guide to Survive in the Resident Evil Game’s World

Surviving in the Resident Evil universe may not be the same as in the movie universe. It’s even more crazy because you play the role of a survivor of a dangerous virus. Besides, you may find yourself driven by the stories of characters such as Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and additional figures.

So, in this game if you want to win from the worst situation. You will have to understand the weaknesses of the infected, plan your strategy, and conserve available resources such as ammunition, medicine, herbs, and medicine. Don’t forget to trust your own sense of decision because it is very important in the world of Resident Evil.

  • Knowledge is power:

If you play this game, you will immediately know that in the world of games that are full of dangerous viruses. There are also important things to help you through the game’s levels and obstacles, such as basic knowledge. During the game, you take on the role of a character in this dire situation. The first thing you should do after starting the game is search or record anything related to the T-Virus and its mutations. Furthermore, investigate what types of viruses exist and how damaging they are to human behaviour if infected may cause you to find the key to the game. Accordingly, you’ll know how to deal with all those mutated infections.

  • Adapting to defeat enemies in new levels:

The world of the movies and the world of the games in the Resident Evil universe are very different. If it were a movie, you might have to watch it over and over according to the situation and what kind of obstacles it would encounter. But for the game parts, they won’t be arranged for you like that. Sometimes when we finish the first stage and when we go to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and other stages, the difficulty level will be increased. Both new challenges, evolved enemies and many unexpected situations you have to face. Of course, we’re talking about newly constructed areas like buildings, testing stations, and basements. Therefore, preparing to adapt to the situation and deal with enemies at other levels is also important.

  • Resource Management:

In each level of your game, you will be given lots of resources or essentials. But what do you do when those storage spaces are limited, and you can’t fit everything you find? Another important aspect of playing this game is that you have to know how to choose the resources needed for your level. We recommend that you prepare for every bullet count and organize your inventory wisely. The important thing is that you try to destroy as many barrels and crates in that level as possible. Because sometimes in those crates there might be herbs, ammunition, or even necessary weapons for you to use. If you are afraid that you are running out of blood-boosting herbs and remember that red herbs are best, while blue herbs restore your health and green herbs heal immediately.

  • Solving immediate problems:

During gameplay, when there are situations where you are faced with limited resources. Using your creativity or solving immediate problems is your greatest weapon. Use your environment to your advantage such as gates, obstacles, trap enemies and find alternative routes to evade danger. Another thing is that you need to know that adapting to the situation and solving immediate problems is the key to survival. Did you know that in the world of Resident Evil, you don’t have to fight every encounter with the infected? You can run away from it, even Tyran, Nemesis, and anything dangerous. But keep in mind that you should save some ammo so you can fire a bullet into the fuel tank to make it explode. That way it can deal damage to enemies without wasting a single bullet.

  • Evasion Techniques:

Sometimes the best strategy for this game is simply to avoid facing combat. If you want to survive, learn stealth techniques like crouching, hiding in the shadows, and making noise to attract zombies’ attention without being discovered. The art of evasion can help you survive longer avoiding the risks of combat. As we’ve said many times before, we don’t have to fight every time we encounter an infected person. It’s best to stay out of sight and throw rocks to get attention elsewhere.

  • Combat Training:

Train yourself with a variety of weapons and combat techniques, from pistols to shotguns to flamethrowers as each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, practice your aim, learn enemy patterns and fight for survival. You may pick up many weapons to become familiar with because the world of Resident Evil has many weapons that we can use. Each type is used in different situations and infections, such as the Pistol for Lickers, Magnum for Tyran, Nemesis, and Adjule. For using the flamethrower, be sure to aim at the head to deal more damage.

  • Understand enemy behavior:

Did you know that the demons in the world of Resident Evil have their own unique behaviors and weaknesses? If you want to gain an advantage over them, you may have to study the mutants’ movement patterns and weaknesses. Starting from Tyrants to Nemesis, the fastest and most dangerous hunters in the game.

Study these and you will find that knowledge about your enemies is very useful. If you look at the bodies infected with the mutants, you will see that they have pustules all over their bodies. And those pustules are the weakest points that are easiest to spot in different types of mutations. So, once you’re sure of what kind of mutant it is, aim your gun and shoot directly.

  • The Power of Relics:

Some of the relics in the game are valuable clues and resources as they can help you learn more about the mutations of the infected. Including exchanging those items for other necessary weapons from merchants who can also buy them. Keep in mind that there are a lot of treasures, gems, minerals, and relics in Resident Evil. Hence, find and save the relics in case they come in handy in other stages.

  • Stay informed:

In Resident Evil, if you want to know useful stories, maybe you should follow the latest news. News about developments and research results via radio broadcasts or handwritten notes will help you progress through the game more easily. If you can’t complete the levels, try looking for news about these virus mutations at research stations or news sites. Maybe you’ll get some useful information on clearing the level.

Surviving in the world of Resident Evil is not easy! In addition to what we talked about above, you will need courage, wit, and flexibility to play the game. Knowing the right moment to flee and fight is important in clearing all the obstacles you might encounter. If you follow the tips we have presented, you can increase your chances of overcoming and getting through this nightmare. Remember that in the fight for survival every decision matters. Play with caution and bravery, just like Chris and Claire, Ada, Leon, Jill, and everyone else you adore from the movie.