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The Theatrical Tapestry: Iñaki Godoy’s Diverse Acting Journey

Iñaki Godoy's Diverse Acting Journey1

Iñaki Godoy is an Argentine actor who is famous for his television and film roles. Currently, he is more famous than before for playing the role of Luffy, the main character in “One Piece” (2023), who changed his performance from anime to live-action. When the film was released on Netflix, it was found that the response was better than expected catapulting Godoy to become one of the most searched trends during that time. Hence, this playful young actor quickly captured the attention of audiences worldwide.


Early Beginnings: Tracing Iñaki Godoy’s Theatrical Awakening

For Inaki Godoy, this playful young actor who has been successful until now is a rising star. If asked about his interest in acting, it goes back to when he was only 4 years old. Initially, Godoy was captivated by film acting, marking it as his first passion. The family saw this and supported him by allowing him to study at an acting school like Stage Company. Godoy having the opportunity to study there was considered a turning point in his life because the acting school made him love performing arts even more than before.

During his studies there, he learned about various forms of expression such as singing, dancing, stage acting, and many more. After that, Inaki Godoy developed his skills in every aspect until he had the opportunity to take himself to acting in stage plays and musicals. That was the first passion that led him to be a professional actor to this day.


Formative Years: Inaki Godoy’s Versatility Across Varied Roles


What makes Godoy’s work so commendable is not only his acting talent but also his ability to collaborate effectively. Acting in both movies and TV series, he had to meet diverse actors, including experienced senior actors, senior actors on set, or even younger actors on the cast. Normally, other actors might feel some pressure when working with other actors for the first time. But Inaki Godoy seems to have a knack for working with others. Known for his quick learning, humility, and respect for others, which made him likable onset many movies. This adaptability and collaboration enhance his performances, contributing to his success in various projects. Here’s a trailer that measures his acting skills and how he works with other actors:


Inaki Godoy’s film performance in the past period

  • Go Youth! (2020) Played the role of Pedro.
  • MexZombies (2022) Played the role of Tavo.
  • No Abras La Puerta (2022) Played the role of Fausto.

Inaki Godoy’s television works or series performance in the past period

  • Blue Demon (2016) Supporting actors only in the first episode.
  • La querida del Centauro (2016) Played the role of Jaime Alvarado.
  • Por la Máscara: La Serie Web (2018) Played the role of Aurelio Joven.
  • Sin miedo a la verdad (2018) Played the role of El Chinos.
  • Los elegidos (2019) Played the role of Miguel.
  • Who Killed Sara? (2021) Played the role of Bruno.
  • The Imperfects (2022) Played the role of Juan Ruiz.
  • One Piece: Live-Action (2023) Played the role of Monkey D. Luffy.


Rising Star: Inaki Godoy’s Journey Through the Ages of Acting

After Inaki Godoy began to practice his acting skills from acting school. He has finally shown his acting potential in various movies and series in Mexico. If we talk about the main movies that people remember the performances and know the characters that Inaki Godoy clearly acted, there are probably only 4 of them. But that’s a lot, and quite a feat for 21 years old boy in the Hollywood film industry.


Unveiling the Enigma: Godoy’s Captivating Role in ‘Blue Demon’

The series ‘Blue Demon’ marks Inaki Godoy’s first step into acting in a series of movies at the age of 13. In 2016, he was approached to play a supporting role in the first episode of a series about a masked wrestler. But even though it’s just a supporting character who doesn’t have much of a role, Inaki Godoy is also excited and happy to show his acting skills to the audience. Because of that, the Mexican masked wrestler series was the starting point that made him feel more inspired to act than ever before.


Stepping into the Spotlight: Godoy Takes on the Lead in the Riveting Film ‘Go Youth!’

From his supporting role in the first series Inaki Godoy’s chance to shine in the movie industry came once again. At the age of 17, he developed his skills and showed others that he had enough potential that directors brought him to act in new movies. With his natural acting and acting talent, he finally got a new challenging role in the movie ‘Go Youth!’ (2020).


Inaki Godoy became 1 of 4 lead characters in the movie named ‘Pedro’. His role was to play a child who was too disappointed in the adult world to the point of being unbearable. Consequently, he chose to stop speaking like a normal person and started speaking in a language that he had invented himself. Acting in this movie allowed him to gain new knowledge and perspective on acting, further enhancing his skills.

Revelation and Redemption: Inaki Godoy’s Resurrection in ‘Who Killed Sara?’

Here comes the last major change in the film series industry. In 2021, Inaki Godoy had the opportunity to star in the hit Mexican series released on Netflix, ‘Who Killed Sara?’. His return in a supporting role was a surprise; his acting skills in the roles he has received have improved by leaps and bounds. This time, he plays the role of the main character’s younger brother, who must uncover the truth about who killed Sara. In this story, although he is not the main character, he plays an important role that is connected to the main character throughout the story. It is considered to be the end of Inaki Godoy’s latest series, which was extremely well done.


Live-Action Movie Challenge: Godoy plays the main character in ‘One Piece’

After being a supporting character and co-lead in many films, Godoy finally proved his acting skills in what could be called his most challenging role. In 2023, Tomorrow Studios, Netflix, and Professor Eiichiro Oda offered him the role of Monkey D. Luffy, the main character from the famous manga ‘One Piece’ in a live-action adaptation.

This role is definitely the most significant of Iñaki Godoy’s career, given the global fanbase and their high expectations. Because he knows the pressure from fans of this manga around the world. Of course, if he doesn’t do it well, it will be rejected by the manga fans if his performance didn’t meet expectations. However, upon its release on Netflix, it was found that there were many manga fans who really liked his performance. It’s no wonder he’s this excited after taking on roles both big and small throughout his acting career.


Current Highlights: An Interview with Iñaki Godoy’s Feelings

Inaki Godoy Inaki Godoy recognized for his acting talent. If we look at the details of the movies, we mentioned above it’s evident that each role he has taken on is complex, even though many were supporting roles. He once mentioned in an interview that taking on new roles is both enjoyable and challenging him every time he acts. Although every film challenges his abilities, but believe it or not, he named the live-action film ‘One Piece’ (2023) as the most challenging project of his career.


For Godoy, the adaptation of the manga anime ‘One Piece’ into a live-action film was a significant undertaking. Because this anime is about the dream of pirates who must sail to the Grand Line, a place where the pirates believe there is a legendary treasure like One Piece. In addition to studying the characters and roles, he also decided to sail as a sailor in order to get into the role of a real pirate as much as possible. By sailing into the Caribbean Sea, a sea in the Atlantic Ocean. He learned how to cook and clean over a period of 3 months. From this, you can appreciate the extensive physical and mental effort the actor invested. If anyone just became a fan and fell in love with his performance in One Piece, you might want to explore his earlier films and series available online. As for what this playful young man’s next project will be, you’ll have to follow the news on his personal social media channels.