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Top 5 Korean series of 2024 on VIU, perfect for a binge-worthy weekend marathon.

Top 5 Korean series of 2024 on VIU, perfect for a binge-worthy weekend marathon

In fact, I have to admit that no one can do romantic dramas like South Koreans. Of course, sometimes it gets boring storylines about the same old, predictable scripts. Fortunately, is that the plots of Korean romantic dramas are becoming more diverse. From time-love travel to revenge-based love, betrayal, and betrayal. These series offer fresh perspectives on love, possibly reflecting situations you might encounter in real life. If it were the same situation as in the series, how should you resolve it? Get ready for the Top 5 Korean series that about to recommend. I promise that it will be perfect for your marathon viewing this weekend!

Marry My Husband: revenge movie on Viu that excited every second.

“Marry My Husband” is a series that is different from other Korean romantic dramas. It’s a gripping narrative and characters whose lives are at stake. As a result, it received the highest ratings in Korea and is trending on Viu. The series follows Kang Ji Won, a cancer patient whose life took a tragic turn. Before her heartbreaking death, she discovered that her husband was having an affair with her best friend. Seeing the two people she trusted to treat her like this. With the final stage of cancer that was eating away at her body. Combined with regret, it was the cause of her sudden death that night.

However, the story takes an unexpected turn when Ji Won wakes up a year before her ill-fated marriage. With a thirst for revenge, so she devised a clever plan to protect herself from those two people. She decides to let her best friend and ex-husband to continue their romantic relationship as if nothing had happened acting as if nothing has changed, except for her trust in them. Soooo! Get ready for the most exciting fun with the content and characters of “Marry My Husband” on the Viu application today!

Love Song for Illusion: a mesmerizing melody on Viu that captivates every heartbeat

“Love Song for Illusion” is a groundbreaking series that defies the conventions of typical romantic dramas. Its gripping narrative and characters grappling with pivotal choices have propelled it to the top of Viu’s trending list. Story about Lee Ji-Hyun, a gifted musician whose world crumbles when she uncovers her fiancé’s betrayal on the brink of their wedding.

In a stroke of fate, Ji-Hyun finds herself sent back in time to a pivotal moment, offering her an opportunity to change her destiny. Driven by a quest for redemption and a longing for a second shot at love, she navigates the complex landscape of relationships and the music industry with renewed determination and insight.

As Ji-Hyun endeavors to reclaim her purpose and fervor. She confronts her past errors head-on, moving forward with unwavering strength and resilience. With the blending of romance, suspense, and passion, “Love Song for Illusion” promises an enthralling journey that will leave viewers spellbound. Are you curious about the excitement level that can be taken from this movie? Don’t miss out on the captivating tale of love and redemption—stream “Love Song for Illusion” on the Viu application!

Dreams Unveiled: an enthralling saga on Everything Will Come True that captivates every soul

Not all genies are blue like in the classic tale of Aladdin. The world of Korean romantic dramas is presented through the character Genie (played by Kim Woo Bin), a violent and angry spirit. He is released from a magic lantern by Gayoung (played by Suzy), a person who loves peace and does not care about any fluctuations in the surroundings. A story of people living together with different personalities and temperaments. During that time, leading to an unexpected evolution in their relationship.

Despite being the one who freed the genie, Gayoung has no intention of controlling over him. As the Wheel of Fortune begins, the genie’s three magical wishes come true. It seems like it would end there if the story proceeded normally. But what the two of them have to face is sharing the same fate, combined with a love that gradually deepens. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Brace yourself for this new series on Viu this year, which promises a mix of fantasy, drama, and surprising romance.

Queen of Tears: an epic chronicle of love, betrayal, and redemption that enchants every heart

A new Korean series produced by the same studio that hit Crash Landing on You comes “Queen of Tears”. This series tells the narrative of Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won), the teenage heiress of Queen Group, and Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun), the company’s legal director who have been married for 3 years, at first it seems like the two of them don’t get along. However, there were some obstacles that made them understand each other and have a stronger relationship than before.

The story of this unexpected couple includes how they overcame a crisis in their marriage. It will definitely be so fun that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. Importantly, the official launch of the series has been scheduled to take place between March 9 and April 27, 2024. Fans who are waiting are also following news or updates on new episodes. You may have to watch “Queen of Tears” on the Viu application only!

LNTS: Long Time No Sex, a series that turns a boring love crisis into a huge sum of money.

The story of a couple who have grown in love for many years: Woo Jin (played by Esom), a young hotel receptionist who feels unsatisfied with her life, and Samuel (played by Ahn Jae-Hong), her husband, an office worker turned taxi driver. They have been married for 5 years but have no children together, their daily lives of both her and him were extremely boring. Struggling to build status leads to diminishing affection for each other. In addition, he is constantly destitute and in debt. As the saying goes, everyday life is bad, but love life is even worse. Their relationship has lost the closeness that previously existed between husband and wife, leaving only a blank full of boredom.

Until one day, when they find an activity that makes money, Woo Jin learns a secret about a couple she knows. The couple, threatened with exposure, agrees to pay a sum to keep their secret. Eventually, both Woo Jin and Samuel see a way to supplement their income by blackmailing an extramarital couple.

As the couple chases down those who are secretly having an affair, they find that their financial situation has become more stable. And their relationship has resumed. As they spent more time together, life began to become colorful again. The two returns to explore and see cracks in each other’s relationship, confronting and resolving their issues. However, as they delve deeper in the problem, they uncover more hidden truths, complicating their journey and challenging their bond. What truth are they both trying to avoid? Don’t miss out on this gripping narrative to witness how Woo Jin and Samuel navigate these tumultuous waters, download the Viu app today!