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Top 10 Movies with a Perfect Score on Rotten Tomatoes

Top 10 Movies with a Perfect Score on Rotten Tomatoes

In the world of best films, there are those gems that are best-reviewed films, being unanimously considered as the film of the year. Rotten Tomatoes-a very famous site for reviews, which direct serious film lovers towards good films- is an indicator for people who like films. Today we begin a trip through the pick of cinematic accomplishments, as we reveal the top ten 100% all time highest rated films by Rotten Tomatoes, each with a perfect score of 100%. These films have been etched into cinematic history and enjoyed with the best stories ever. Let’s check out which films are considered film gems since they have received the coveted 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes!

Why does Rotten Tomatoes?

Aggregator of Critic and Audience Reviews: Rotten Tomatoes collects reviews from professional film critics and the general audience and display aggregated feedback of all films enabling the viewers a good understanding of films. The site balances critical perspectives with general audience opinions and enabling an informed decision-making process for selecting films.

Credibility and Transparency: Tomatoes Rotten come out with fair rating system that reflects the precise percentage of positive assessments a movie receives from critics and viewers. The information displayed on film review aggregators is typically appears as percentage values, showing the number of positive reviews a film has received. This transparency increases platform credibility as users can see with ease how many positive reviews a film has received.

Diverse Range of Critics: Critics’ comparisons on Rotten Tomatoes nicely reflect the wide range of worldviews and coverage from by well-known publications, representing various backgrounds and perspectives. The inclusivity here is where users of the sites get exposed to a broad array of opinions and views, making their knowledge of the applause and the demerits of the film more extensive.

Community Engagement and Discussion: The creation of audience forums and reviews by Rotten Tomatoes, allows community engagement and discussions to grow the more individuals share their film opinions, insights, and discussions with fellow film lovers by writing reviews, comments, and forums. Moreover, the dialogue between people and cinema, combined with high-quality visuals and sound, makes film-watching an outstanding experience.

Leave No Trace (2018)

Inspired by a real-life father-daughter story of surrendering to nature, “Leave No Trace”, directed by Debra Granik, takes us deep into the emotional connection of these characters in the isolated woods of Oregon by a hidden forest. Their quiet living is disrupted when they are discovered by authorities, so they head a daring journey to adjust and summon their fortitude in the face of social standards. While possibly, Tom and Will embrace the ongoing influences they receive equally both powerful and understated, the film leaves imprints because of its examination of human ties and personal freedom.

“Leave No Trace” adopts a subtly powerful stance towards a story that could easily veer into sensationalism, and it’s enhanced even more by the exceptional performances of Ben Foster and Thomasin McKenzie

Toy Story 2 (1999)

Pixar takes us through the journey of “Toy Story 2”, we get to meet Woody, Buzz and other characters from Andy’s room who join in as part of the adventure. Woody is being captured by a wicked toy collector who intent on selling him for profit. Therefore, Buzz and the rest of the crew embark on a rescue mission to bring Woody home. In conclusion, this movie catches audience’s hearts with its perfect blend of comedy, emotion, and groundbreaking animation, making the story of friendship and loyalty connects with audiences of all ages.

Toy Story 2 stands out as a rare sequel that arguably surpasses its predecessor. Through inventive storytelling, stunning animation, and a talented cast, it offers another enriching movie experience suitable for audiences of all ages.

Man on Wire (2008)

In the documentary “Man on Wire,” director James Marsh tells about the extraordinary and daring Philippe Petit, a French tightrope walker who. In 1974, He risked his life by walking between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The film makes use of archived footage and interviews to put forward the close attention Petit paid to his planning and the breathtaking endeavor he set upon to actually carry out his “artistic crime of the century.” “Man on Wire” truly stands as an example of human potential and the ability to achieve the seemingly impossible.

James Marsh’s documentary on artist Philippe Petit’s daring escapade delivers every bit of suspense that can be extracted from a man walking on a suspended wire.

Honeyland (2019)

Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov’s documentary “Honeyland” gives an authentic portrayal of the life of Hatidze Muratova, a beekeeper surrounded by nature dominated by her honey hives in the high mountains of North Macedonia. With the advent of new migrants, the film introduces issues such as how to save their local traditions while remaining environmentally sustainable. Having utilised its sublime cinematography and the innate way of storytelling, “Honeyland” was the reference to the naturalness of humanity, the simplicity that is drawn from the remarkable beauty.

“Honeyland” utilizes the life in a secluded village to present a revealing viewpoint on universal experiences, offering insights that are relevant and resonant for audiences regardless of their location halfway around the globe.

Minding the Gap (2018)

“Minding the Gap” is about the three youngsters, including Bing himself, Keire and Zack exploring their lives as well as transitioning from teens to adulthood in Rockford, Illinois. By means of this characters affirmed that she shared the same attraction with skateboarding, the film shows you such themes as friendships, family relationship, and the cycle of trauma. This feature of the documentary pierces through the people’s inner thoughts by giving them the space to express themselves through the medium of skateboarding. Moreover, this film has depicted the identity and belonging issues vividly.

Drawing from over a decade of documentary footage, “Minding the Gap” constructs a poignant portrayal of young American lives, reaching far beyond its depicted subjects to resonate deeply with viewers.

His House (2020)

Remi Weekes uses “His House” to bring forward horror and atmosphere that go deep into the psychological struggles of Sudanese refugees, Bol and Rial, as they seek asylum within the UK. As if the memory of their past haunts them, and the malicious spirits literally invade their new abode, the couple grapples with guilt, grief, and the terror of displacement. By creating a creepy atmosphere and discussing thoughtful topics like being a refugee, “His House” is doing more than just following conventions but also becoming a masterpiece of art that shows what a refugee has to face.

With genuine scares lurking around every corner, His House presents a chilling exploration of the haunting specters of the refugee experience, marking a remarkable debut for filmmaker Remi Weekes.

The Philadelphia Story (1940)

“The Philadelphia Story”, directed by George Cukor’s is a romantic comedy that showcases the life of Tracy Lord, a sophisticated socialite as she gets involved in love and matrimony among the repulsive background of the high society. Her world is turned upside down when her ex-husband, C.K. Dexter Haven, re-enters her life just as she’s poised to marry George Kittredge. The resulting romance turbulence results in a sequence of amusing misunderstandings and awakenings. The film is uniquely appealing because of its sharp dialogue and wit. It’s considered to be one of the best classic examples of the genre of screwball comedy.

The Philadelphia Story stands as an undisputed classic, thanks to its wonderfully witty script, flawless direction by George Cukor, and the typically excellent lead performances it showcases.

76 Days (2020)

76 days is the directorial work of Hao Wu, Weixi Chen, it is worth noticing that this documentary presents an unimaginable experience of the first few days of COVID-19 crisis in Wuhan, China. Shot in the core of the pandemic-stricken sector, the documentary illustrates the struggle from within the epicenter of the health crisis, this documentary provides an intimate look at the challenges faced by healthcare providers, patients, and their families amid the grave realities imposed by the virus. According to the facts and the drama of its compassionate storytelling, hence “76 Days” gets recognition for its honest presentation and truely storytelling, which reflects the human spirit’s persistence during difficulties times.

“76 Days” presents a raw, fly-on-the-wall depiction of hospital life in Wuhan during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an absorbing and powerful documentary that surprisingly offers a comforting portrait of humanity amidst the chaos.

Crip Camp (2020)

“Crip Camp” traced the USA disability rights movement origins that was related to a camp for disabled plus age teenager in the seventies. While archival footage and interviews with the former campers, the film celebrates the transformational power of camp experience and how it’s the place where revolutionaries and activists experienced their first personal growth. As a community reminder that brought about diversity and inclusion in an important moment.

Combining entertainment with inspiration, Crip Camp utilizes the remarkable story of one group to underscore hope for the future and the transformative power of community.

Summer 1993 (2017)

“Summer 1993” Stories by the incredibly genuine and story of Frida, a girl coming of age in rural Catalonia. After her parents’ passing, Frida has to moves in with her aunt and uncle. Her experiences are drowned in grief, identity confusion, and the intricacies of a family. The movie with its naturalistic interpretation manner and emotional communication, beautifully captures both the splendor and sorrow of a child’s life, leaving viewers deeply affected in emotional.

“Summer 1993,” writer-director Carla Simón taps into personal memories to craft a thoughtful drama, enhanced by the exceptional performances of its young leads.

As we reminisce about these top 100% Rotten Tomatoes films according to the Rotten Tomatoes’s charts, we also realize that old film stories, —whether they’re heartwarming stories of friendship, intense battles, or enlightening documentaries addressing social issues by enchant, convince, and illuminate people’s life experiences. Cinema is not only a source of entertainment but also a reflection of our history, our cultures, and our collective experiences. As we celebrate these masterpieces, let us continue to permit them to live on for time immemorial in the minds of generations.