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10 Famous Internet Memes From The Movies

10 Famous Internet Memes From The Movies

From the start of the internet, movies have been sprinkled with memes. Films cover everything from spoof to scenes that are funny and memorable. In this article we will also check out 10 best memes from world flicks viral memes on internet and explanation of why the said meme gained such popularity.

The Dude – The Big Lebowski (1998)

The film The Big Lebowski talks about Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, a begin-and-nothing-middle-aged guy, who happens to live with White Russians and lots of other stuff. The zany cast of the film and strict bizzare situations have turned it into a cult classic.

Briefly, it is usually a still photo of Jeff Bridges as The Dude with the line “That’s just, like, your opinion, man” as the caption, which is used to neglect someone’s arguments or point of view in a mocking way. The laid-back lifestyle and timely comments of the Dude make it hilarious. This is a good rebuttal to cases where an individual is already ‘too serious’.

The Dude Memes

One Does Not Simply – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
At the start of the first part of Peter Jackson’s multi-film fantasy saga, Bilbo Baggins turns for an adventure and finds himself in a great danger in the hands of the Dark Lord, Sauron.

In another meme, a still of Boromir, played by Sean Bean, is accompanied by the caption “One does not simply [verb].” The meme generously tends to suggest that a task is much harder or complicated than it actually seems. Combined with the drama of which Boromir speaks in the movie and the stupidness of some of the things in the meme, this makes this meme innately funny


I’ll Be Back – The Terminator (1984)
In this sci-fi classic, Arnold Schwarzenegger is cast as a cyborg assassin sent from the future to liquidate the mother of the yet to be born savior of the human race-Sarah Connor.

The meme has him say “I’ll be back, ” which is his characteristic line, and follows him as he leaves the scene for the purpose of causing chaos. It is commonly used in cases where people are either departing or coming back in a sudden manner. The accent and awkward manner of talking contributed to the joke sticking in people’s head, as well as to its exploitation in the parody. Fantastic, it’s so hilarious to picture someone administrating it in everyday life.

I’LL BE BACK memes

This Is Fine – Gunshow Comic (2013)
Even though this meme is not based on the movie, the source of it is a webcomic that is known as “Gunshow” by KC Green. The comic is in the form of a dog sitting on a table in a room on fire with the caption “This is fine” while a fire engulfs everything around him.

The use of a dog in flames as an image of ironic acceptance of chaos or disaster has become one of the most recognizable visual motifs of the era. The ridiculousness of the situation and the dog’s expressionless face perfectly render the experience of attempting to hold on to your sanity when in a crisis.

This Is Fine memes

Hide the Pain Harold – Stock Photography (2011)
The meme arose from stock photos that originally were taken during a photo shoot of András Arató, a Hungarian electrical engineer who had retired. The facial expressions of Araát, especially the awkward smile and the pain in his pictures, has captured the internet users’ attention.

One can often see Arató in the photographs, a man whose face has been likened to “Hide the Pain Harold” that mashes internal problems and uneasiness beneath the superficial mask of a falsely cheerful expression. The discomfort that is created by the contrast of Arató’s expressions and the situations he is in are relatable and ridiculous at the same time, resulting in edits that can be either funny or captioned.

Hide The Pain Harold Memes

Ermahgerd – Various Sources (2012)
The “Ermahgerd” meme circulated because of a homing of the series of photos with a young woman in them holding different Goosebumps books. Please note that the sentence has been humanized, so changes have been made to the wording. The crazy look on her face, being selected for the braces and having pigtails, contributed to the creation of the meme.

That is the widely known meme, in which you can see the woman’s photo with text written in phonetic transcription of the excited communication. It is a figurative expression usually employed to give a meaning of overblown excitement or over zeal. Her garbled speech and animated face give a humorous effect to the contrast, and the absurdity of meme itself makes it resonate and fit in various situations.

Ermahgerd Memes

Condescending Wonka – Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)
This movie, which is a remake of the original from the book Roald Dahl, tells about a poor boy named Charlie Bucket, who gets a golden ticket and goes on a tour through Willy Wonka’s factory of the delicious chocolate.

The meme has a scene of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka as the cover picture with captions that reads, “So you [state the statement here]?” It is used to respond to a ridiculous or sarcastic statement or question in an ironic way. Gene Wilder’s sly grin and the captions, loaded with an attitude of smugness, make the image a perfect setup for a passive-aggressive attack, which is aimed at unmasking hypocrisy and thoughtlessness.

Condescending Wonka Memes

Confused Nick Young – NBA Interview (2014)
This meme was born from a screenshot screenshot of a Nick Young NBA player during a live interview Young gazes clairvoyant-like, contemplating what he’s just learned.

Young’s proposition of an expressionless face pictured puzzled or in a state of bewilderment is usually used to illustrate confusion when responding to a statement or a situation. The look of disbelief on Young’s face creates an element of absurdity to which many can relate; the silliness of some of the captions adds to the hilarity.

Confused Nick Young Memes

Distracted Boyfriend – Stock Photography (2017)
There originates a meme from a stock photo depicting a man walking with his girlfriend as he eyes another woman passing by. Within a couple of days, the picture acquired the status of an icon of temptation and cheating.

This picture of a man that turns his head to look at another woman, while his girlfriend stands close to him, disapproving what’s happening, can be perceived as giving in to temptation by something fresh or novel. The photo is very real, so just about anybody can relate to the situation, but the cartoonish representations of the characters make this meme funny and versatile.

Distracted Boyfriend Memes

Woman Yelling at a Cat – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2019)
This meme is from the episode of the show –”The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” – where the co-hosts are at a dinner party, and they are having a heated argument. This is presented as an opposite image with that of a white cat seated on a table and looking in confusion.

Images of the women being frustrated and of the cat being perplexed are widely used as representing the many situations of quarrels and confusion. The cat’s irrelevant expression against the backdrop of the discussion, as well as the melodramatic component of the scene, make this meme both funny and relatable.

Woman Yelling at a Cat Memes

Memes born from the movies render an exclusive combination of humor, nostalgia, and comments on culture. People enjoy making memes out of movie and TV series dialogues or images that become an example of internet culture. Actually, memes pave the way to the net for millions of people who love laughing at fantastic and unusual images and dialogues. Maybe some scenes from the movie you like become new viral memes online.