SBIFF 2015: Second Chance (2014) & Confession (2014)

"Second Chance" is (I assume) one of the only action movies about pool. Yes, that kind of pool, where you stand around a table and firmly poke a series of colored balls. The Taiwanese film, directed by Wen-yen Kung, may not frothy exactly, but it's definitely bubbly.

SBIFF 2015: Partners in Crime

Describing much of the plot will spoil things. I can tell you that it boasts the worst school counselor I've ever seen on film. In one of the few meetings she bothers to have with kids who've found the (bloody) body of a schoolmate, she tells them, "If things come up...deal with them yourself."

Bound by Flesh: The Hilton Twins

There is precious little footage of the twins, and sadly none to speak of from the height of their career in vaudeville. They appear in Tod Browning’s infamous "Freaks" (1932) and a visible twenty years later in an unfortunate-looking film titled "Chained for Life."